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Large, Wide, & Grand Format Parts, supplies, printheads, inks & coatings


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Large, Wide, and Grand Format Parts & Supplies

Eco-Solvent, UV, solvent, Dye Sublimation Inks & Coatings


Functional Coatings

SilvaKure™ Anti-Microbial Technology

The FORTIFI™ Functional Coatings are designed to work on a wide variety of material and surfaces including PVC, acrylic, PET, HDPE, paper and board, coated metals and more.  


Every coating is specifically formulated to meet the end application requirements and enhance the overall performance of the coated product or surface.



For Vutek Printers

Our ultra premium custom-formulated inks offer superior color quality, performance, and durability. With an impressive color gamut and accurate color reproduction, they are a virtual match to the OEM original. In addition to superior scratch resistance, our inks also offer excellent adhesion on a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates. 

In addition to low odor, our inks offer a true plug and play system. Made in the USA, the inks are packaged in 5 liter bottles. This system was designed for the end user to simply swap out OEM Bags to our bottles using the same OEM ink coupler with no interruptions to your existing color profiles. 

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Save 30-40% vs. expensive OEM inks

Tired of being tied to expensive OEM contracts? We offer top performing inks that are as good, if not better, than the original OEM versions....but for 30-40% less.


Flame suppressing clear with ant-graffiti properties for wall coverings.

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